Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scarfs and weather....

So, I frogged the diagonal scarf...I was just NOT feeling it ;)

I started over, same yarns, but a new pattern. (made it up as I went :P)
This one is working out MUCH better for me, I actually LIKE it, whereas the other one I felt pretty 'meh' about.

Other than that, not much to tell today...we are doing an easy day...the kids' have friends over and Wall-E came out on video, so we are having the luxury of just watching a movie right now ;).

Pomegranate tree is HANGING HEAVY with Pomegranates...I love them, but we have so many!!!

Also, the vineyard is changing and I think it's the most beautiful time of the year here in the Valley. I'm going to miss it when we move. Enjoy your Tuesday!


karyn said...

too many pomegranates on your tree?! and a vineyard... sounds like a heavenly place! i'd love to live in a place where such exotic fruit was just there for the picking. yum!

Laura Frantz said...

Dang, girl. I just linked over to your little place here from my comments box. You are a beautiful woman! And your site is a treasure-trove of linky love and interesting tidbits. Thanks for stopping by and for linking to my site...I'm subscribing to your feed so get writing! :)