Friday, September 19, 2008

Cheddar the Rat Full of Personality

So, when I was younger, we had friends who had pet rats. They were cute, but I don't have a lot of memory of them, other than that they were rats and they were pets.

Fast forward to 3 months ago.

The kids started asking for a pet rat. Olivia practically BEGGED...saved her money, checked out library books, etc... and the day finally came a few weeks back.

My vote for the name Gorgonzola was outvoted 3 to 1 in favor of Cheddar...which, I must admit, I find positively fitting as well as endearing.

The man at the pet shop told us that he often encourages parents who come in looking for hamsters to consider the rat because they don't bite/nip like a hamster will (I *do* know this was our experience when we had the hamsters from from hell....) and also that they have really great personalities.

I have to say

he was positively RIGHT. Cheddar has as much personality as our dog!! he's funny, affectionate and active and I love him.

I guess we'll keep the little guy ;).

On the school note...

We are doing wet paper watercolors today, and the kids are doing a very impressive job! I'll post later the outcome of that project :D (once it dries ;) LOL)

Rock on....

HA. So, yesterday I started making some wet felted 'rocks' using glass gems as a base to work around. On a few I used seashells, just for a different 'shape'...I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Initially we were making them for our nature table, but I believe I'll make quite a few more (as they're quite quick and easy being so small) and use them as counting manipulatives...or maybe to fill a glass jar for decoration....just not quite sure yet. Anyhow...I LOVE this time of the year, the beginning of Autumn, when it's time to start knitting, and working with fabric and wool, since I don't have the time in the summer. Plus, frankly, it's pretty darn hot and I don't like being covered in yarn, fabric, wool roving, etc. when it's 110 degrees out ;).

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Four Process Gnomes and Labyrinth

So, our order from Oak Meadow is still not here (just the Craft Kit, so it's not big huge deal) we are kind of piddling along, doing more relaxed projects than anything right now...all fun though!

Earlier this week we made Four Process Gnomes and King Equals to help with Olivia's introduction into her multiplication tables, and beginning division...we reviewed all the processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, with a little story to accompany each gnome/process)...and I asked her to express on paper, her favorite of the tales...she chose addition, because he always got "just what the King asked for", unlike Subtraction who managed to lose some along the way, Multiplication always got more than the King wanted-but shared with Subtraction...and Division got the right amount but always made a bunch of piles and that was more work, she said drew it accordingly. I love seeing her have such a great time with it...even Corbin, who is well beyond this, had fun watching/playing along.

He found himself lost in the Labyrinth...his newest 'favorite' game right now...and enjoyed trying to guide that ball around... Our morning block has been slow, but fun....this afternoon we're going to go outside for a picnic and work on mapping skills and I think we are all looking forward to the fresh air ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

And so we begin....

Nick and I chose to use Oak Meadow this year as it ties in most closely with the teaching philosophy we feel is best for our children. We love the idea of Waldorf teaching, even toured (got accepted, etc) to a local Waldorf school...but in the end, some areas of Waldorf just didn't jive with our thoughts, so we went a more 'secular' route and have committed to Oak Meadow this year.

We have always been very child-lead, child-oriented and this curriculum seems to tie in quite nicely with the rhythm we envision for our family and the education process.


It begins. I spent the better part of today planning out this next week's lessons for both Corbin (3rd grade) and Olivia (2nd)...and I'm actually looking forward to it. I feel more 'prepared' and more 'at peace' with our choices than I have in any of the past 4 years.
Our first day of school is Monday. Sept. 8, 2008.


This serves as my introductory the point ;)....I plan to use this journal to not only document and share what we have learned and what our daily rhythm looks like, but also to keep my family in touch with what we are doing with our days :D

If you are here, welcome and thanks for looking :D