Friday, November 14, 2008

Still Life, Math and a little bit of fun on the side ;)

So, not a lot to report here. (which in my book classifies as a 'good thing'. haha)

Right now Olivia is playing store, and Corbin is trying to juggle with bean bags we made a few weeks ago.

The last few days brought a few things I'd like to share, though!

The kids spent a good portion of their main lesson working on Math. They both entered beautiful pages into their Main Lesson Books, here is Olivia's. They were to make up math problems, based on the portion of their books, which they had read earlier in the day. Olivia had to put four in her MLB, and decorate the page ... she chose addition and math problems. Corbin had to add six into his, but they had to involve each of the four math processes at least once. They worked well, with little input from me other than suggestions on whether to use 'bricks in the road or berries from a bush" as the things being divided ;)
A few nights ago, a project I suggested to the kids turned into a family affair....the kids were drawing a still life of various pumpkins/gourds/pomegranates in a basket on our ended up that the four of us sat around for over an hour just talking and drawing. It was a great moment!

Here is Corbin's drawing...

Of course, as is typical for me...I am so slow, that while the others were finished, I'd barely started ;)....

In knitting news ;) I finished the gray scarf, and have moved on and started this two-tone diagonal skinny scarf....its' coming along really quickly...but the color in the first shot came out WAY more obnoxious than the true color (which the second pictures captures MUCH more accurately ;) HAHA)

It's Friday, I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Ours is looking quite full and nice.

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Ms. Ellaneous said...

Your pictures and narrative bring back fond memories of our homeschooling days. Sounds so lovely! We still bring out our "store stump" when we explain carrying over and borrowing. I just found your blog, thanks for linking to mine.-Amy