Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who doesn't love Chocolate and Roses??? ;)

So, I have had a cold the past few days, and on top of that, just been kind of homesick for my friends in California. I'm TOTALLY happy with the move, but missing my friends is natural, of course. Anyhow, yesterday Nick came home with a dozen roses for me...THAT definitely improved my disposition ;) I'm fortunate to have such a great guy.
ALSO...I have found the PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe... I just made a batch and followed the directions EXACTLY...word.for.word....We are all very *VERY* happy with the results ;)
We have still got nonstop snow here, it's not accumulating TOO deep, but it's so beautiful falling out there in big fluffly flakes ;) I'm going to start setting up my sewing studio tonight if I feel better...I can't WAIT to get started creating something.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Miss us? ;)

Well, the move went great, and while I have a few things to catch everyone up on, I couldn't resist posting the first episode of Science Experiments with Corbin and Olivia ;)....the kids are wanting to have a 'web show' chronicling their science experiments and various projects...fun times. The quality plummeted once I uploaded it to youtube?? I don't know why this happened...hopefully I can fix that before they decide to document another project HAHA!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scarfs and weather....

So, I frogged the diagonal scarf...I was just NOT feeling it ;)

I started over, same yarns, but a new pattern. (made it up as I went :P)
This one is working out MUCH better for me, I actually LIKE it, whereas the other one I felt pretty 'meh' about.

Other than that, not much to tell today...we are doing an easy day...the kids' have friends over and Wall-E came out on video, so we are having the luxury of just watching a movie right now ;).

Pomegranate tree is HANGING HEAVY with Pomegranates...I love them, but we have so many!!!

Also, the vineyard is changing and I think it's the most beautiful time of the year here in the Valley. I'm going to miss it when we move. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook for November 17, 2008

Outside my window...It is warm (but not hot) and the sun is out...not the kind of weather you'd expect for this time of year, but I'm enjoying it, because it's so beautiful.
I am thinking...about the day and week ahead, and for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, I'm having a POSITIVE outlook.
I am thankful for... my doctor, enough said.
From the learning rooms...school today was cooperative, enlightening, and had quite a few surprises (like the impromptu study of seeds that I'll post about later today!)
From the kitchen...casserole :oP Rice, turkey, cheese and dressing casserole.
I am wearing...track pants and a sweatshirt...but don't be fooled, there was no running today.
I am creating...I frogged the diagonal stripe scarf because I didn't like it after I got about 10 inches into it...so now it's a DIFFERENT scarf, that I'll show later :D
I am going...nowhere today! DMV tomorrow *insert sigh*
I am reading...A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling grades 2 and 3.
I am hoping...the fact that aunt flo "surprised" me, but was right on time, because I didn't have my usual raving PMS is a good sign ;) and continues!
I am hearing...Ice Age 2. ;)
Around the house...A few chores left to take care of, but mostly just a relaxed Monday (who'da' thunk it!!)
One of my favorite things...Pumpking Spice Latte' (Decaf) Mmmmm
A few plans for the rest of the week: Trip to the DMV, Work one night, a call to the Dr., packing up more stuff, hanging out with friends and dinner with hubby's aunt and uncle over the weekend.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

seen while we were out looking for seeds this afternoon
*click on it for a detail of the beautiful pods*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Still Life, Math and a little bit of fun on the side ;)

So, not a lot to report here. (which in my book classifies as a 'good thing'. haha)

Right now Olivia is playing store, and Corbin is trying to juggle with bean bags we made a few weeks ago.

The last few days brought a few things I'd like to share, though!

The kids spent a good portion of their main lesson working on Math. They both entered beautiful pages into their Main Lesson Books, here is Olivia's. They were to make up math problems, based on the portion of their books, which they had read earlier in the day. Olivia had to put four in her MLB, and decorate the page ... she chose addition and math problems. Corbin had to add six into his, but they had to involve each of the four math processes at least once. They worked well, with little input from me other than suggestions on whether to use 'bricks in the road or berries from a bush" as the things being divided ;)
A few nights ago, a project I suggested to the kids turned into a family affair....the kids were drawing a still life of various pumpkins/gourds/pomegranates in a basket on our island...it ended up that the four of us sat around for over an hour just talking and drawing. It was a great moment!

Here is Corbin's drawing...

Of course, as is typical for me...I am so slow, that while the others were finished, I'd barely started ;)....

In knitting news ;) I finished the gray scarf, and have moved on and started this two-tone diagonal skinny scarf....its' coming along really quickly...but the color in the first shot came out WAY more obnoxious than the true color (which the second pictures captures MUCH more accurately ;) HAHA)

It's Friday, I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Ours is looking quite full and nice.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A New Look to My Site

I found a fantastic site called Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates....
I am not a HUGE fan of how blogger works, and having had Typepad in the past, it's (to me) like going from DSL or Cable back to dial-up....

Harsh, yes.

Anyhow....I found this site and the new template of my dreams. For those on a feed reader, here's a screen capture:

Isn't it gorgeous??? I love it...

I also did a few other changes, and added a few things (like a playlist).

I'm going to continue tweaking today and tonight, until I'm 100% satisfied.

Now if Blogger's commenting situation didn't SUCK, life would be awesome ;).

....Corners of My Home....

notebook I covered a few weeks ago

Today has been the weirdest day for me. I can't pin-point it, but it's been odd. Maybe it's the weather? The extra kids at the house? The paperwork for school that I have to have ready to turn in tomorrow? The cleaning and packing that is looming in front of me? The walk through calls? I suppose it could be any one of the above, or all them combined??

No school today, so I'm just doing some knitting, and finishing up the scarf...STILL trying do decide what to start with next....Still looking for suggestions.