Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who doesn't love Chocolate and Roses??? ;)

So, I have had a cold the past few days, and on top of that, just been kind of homesick for my friends in California. I'm TOTALLY happy with the move, but missing my friends is natural, of course. Anyhow, yesterday Nick came home with a dozen roses for me...THAT definitely improved my disposition ;) I'm fortunate to have such a great guy.
ALSO...I have found the PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe... I just made a batch and followed the directions EXACTLY...word.for.word....We are all very *VERY* happy with the results ;)
We have still got nonstop snow here, it's not accumulating TOO deep, but it's so beautiful falling out there in big fluffly flakes ;) I'm going to start setting up my sewing studio tonight if I feel better...I can't WAIT to get started creating something.

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Rebecca said...

Miss you Tuesday. Rebecca over at Amity and Flickr. Are you doing anything at Flickr anymore?